Friday, September 25, 2015


Tinkara Kovac and Max Navarro

The countdown to the inaugural edition of the Royal Gala Rock Festival - the music contest for rock and metal bands to be held on Friday, September 25 in Pantianicco (UD, Italy) – has started. Excellent names for the jury that will evaluate the bands in the race. Two international rock stars of the caliber of Tinkara Kovac and Max Navarro, singer Sasha Torrisi (Timoria), rock producer Nick Mayer and DJ Ugo Falcone.

The fourteen finalist bands will compete on the festival stage to win the first prize, consisting of 30 hours of recording, for a value of over 1200 Euros, in the newest Angel's Wings Recording Studios, the only American structure in Italy, which boasts two mixers Solid State Logic.

The event is organized by record label AW Recordings and the local Pro Loco, and will be presented by actress Erica Alberti. Here is the list of the fourteen bands in the race: Noetic, Simone Piva & i Viola Velluto, Alchemy, Painting Noise On The Ground, Alba Caduca, Paz Man Era, Sonia G., The Gangsters, Blue Alpaca, Party Animals, Cinqueinpunto, Dont'try This At Home, Fist Of Rage, Afterglow.

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