Saturday, June 6, 2015


“LIVE & BANGIN’” is a massive THANK YOU for the last four years, in which you have kept the faith with GOTTHARD – because without you, there probably wouldn’t have been a future after the tragic death of Steve Lee end of 2010.

“LIVE & BANGIN’” will not be available in stores, but instead sold solely in the GOTTHARD fan shop and at merchandise stalls on the upcoming festival tour, strictly limited. Exclusively for Fanclub members there’s a pile of CDs autographed by the band waiting to be unleashed. “LIVE & BANGIN’” will be officially released June 12th – however, pre-order afficionados may take a turn here: Gotthard Shop


There’s not a second wasted on “LIVE & BANGIN’”: Almost like on an official bootleg, there are close to 75 minutes of the Tessin platinum rockers’ sound – unaltered, live and pure. With the premium Digipack and a 16-page booklet packed with first hand live images “LIVE & BANGIN’” really feels like a “Bang!” tour flashback. You could actually call its track list a set list, because the songs on “LIVE & BANGIN’” are a perfect cross section of the tour-show including a lifelike instant mosh pit in your living room.

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