Friday, June 12, 2015


Download 2015 exclusive: Shock rocker says Tommy Lee persuaded him onstage 'killing' was a good idea. Alice Cooper says he only offered to "kill" Motley Crue on stage as a joke – but Tommy Lee loved the idea so much that it will happen.

Crue are on their Final Tour, which ends in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. Cooper is their main support and in January he said he’d lop off their heads with guillotines and auction them off on stakes. Cooper, Lee and Crue singer Vince Neil spoke to TeamRock Radio ahead of Download, where Crue play the main stage on Sunday.

Cooper says: "The idea was, because people were saying, 'It's not really gonna be the end,' and I go, 'New Year is their last show. You know how I know? Because I'm gonna kill them at the end.'

“Of course I was kidding, but Tommy said that wasn't a bad idea. With a machine gun and blood packs."

Cooper is known for 'dying' in a variety of ways during his own gigs, and Lee jokes that he doesn't want blood packs – he wants the real thing.

Lee says: "No blood packs, real bullets. We're tired, we're old, we're cranky. You've gotta put us down."

Neil admits that the band would have loved to play more places on their last ever jaunt. He adds: "I wish there was some more dates because a lot of people are asking, 'Why aren't you coming to our city?' But hey, we're trying to get to everywhere we can in the short time that we have left on this earth."

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