Friday, September 18, 2015

Aerosmith Not Happy About Steven Tyler's New Solo Album

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler says his bandmates are "not happy" about his solo project. He's working on a country music album and insists it's the right thing to do, despite what anyone else might think.

Tyler tells Rolling Stone: "I'm sure they're not happy. But Joe Perry has done five solo albums. I just thought, 'Hey, it's my turn in the barrel.' This is a side-project that's now turned into a love of life.

"I think we've got something here that the radio would love to play. That's why I'm in it - I love to take the power of 'wow' to the 100th degree." But the singer reports relations within the volatile Boston outfit are better than ever. "We try and keep the past out of it," he says. "It's a band and it's a family.

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