Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Steve Howe
Steve Howe began thinking about leaving Asia months before he finally shocked fans with his announcement, he's revealed in a new interview.

The guitarist felt a calling to return to solo work, which he'll be doing for much of the year – so fans can look out for new music, a "unique" music retreat and at least two tours. And he admits he was horrified when it was said that Yes had banned frontman Jon Davison from appearing with his own band Glass Hammer.

Howe – who's been replaced by Sam Coulson in Asia – tells Classic Rock's sister title Prog: "On the American tour they discovered that I wanted to stop doing the reunion. "There was a fair amount of surprise inside the camp, but basically there wasn't any way they could change my mind because I'd made it up. I guess I got a calling to follow a different train of thought. I couldn't ignore that any longer."

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