Monday, March 11, 2013


Van Halen has a pretty busy touring schedule this year, which includes gigs in Australia in April and Japan in June, but according to bass player Wolfgang Van Halen, new music may also be a part of the band's 2013 plans.

As the story goes, Wolfgang recently told Billboard, that he actually helped bring his dad Eddie, uncle Alex and lead singer David Lee Roth back together to fashion tracks for the group's 2012 reunion album, A Different Kind of Truth, and that process kind of put the guys "into the mindspace of when they wrote" those songs.

Moreover, he says that there's more old material out there to resurrect, plus "some new stuff that we've been working on, too." While that's not a definitive answer whether the guy will record the new music, it's a start.
When he's not rocking out with his dad, Wolfgang is playing bass for Mark Tremonti's band, and he recently officially joined the project. He's also involved in the writing process for Tremonti's next album.

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