Thursday, March 7, 2013


Paul McCartney
A basic pencil doodle drawn by Paul McCartney when he was a teenager has fetched £3,764 (approximately $5658) at auction.

The sketches, done by the Beatle during the late 1950s when he was studying at the Liverpool Institute High School For Boys, was sold by PFC Auctions on 28 February amid a flurry of last minute bids.

The drawings, multiple faces showing different expressions on a single sheet of paper, are rendered in pencil. The “piece” is 12.5” x 8” and in good condition, with the exception of a small tear in the bottom right hand corner.

McCartney won a prize at the age of 14 for a drawing he did of St Aidan's church on the Speke, Liverpool, housing estate where he lived, though the unschooled artist has said, “I felt that only people who had gone to art college were allowed to paint.” McCartney’s ink drawing of an idea provided the inspiration for the artwork for the Sgt Pepper album cover. In 1999, his visual work was displayed in a solo exhibition, Paul McCartney: Paintings, in Germany.

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