Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Alice Cooper guitarist, Australian-born Orianthi, says she's settled into the groove after a tense few shows where her main concern was "making sure I didn't run into Frankenstein or get stabbed."

In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, Orianthi says it was daunting to take on the Cooper gig because of the sheer number of songs to learn as well as their intricacy, especially as the work is spread out across three guitarists. "I was a fan before, but I'm the biggest fan now because you really appreciate what goes into the whole recording process of each song and writing pieces as well because there's just so many guitar parts," she says.

Orianthi has just released Heaven In This Hell, a more blues-rock album than her previous full-length record, the more pop-leaning Believe. But that shouldn't come as a surprise: Orianthi has been playing guitar since she was 11 and has shared the stage with players like Carlos Santana and Steve Vai.

Orianthi also hinted that in the future she'd like to record an entire album of guitar instrumentals, in the style of "Lights Of Manos" from her first studio album, Violet Journey. "Maybe in the future," she says. " I would like to do something like that in the next few years, or even sooner."

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