Saturday, February 9, 2013


Motley Crue
Motley Crue are at work on another album, says Nikki Sixx – despite Vince Neil’s suggestion that they wouldn’t make another long-player. But the bassist also confirms the band are thinking about ending their career, with a farewell tour in the “near future,” because they want to bow out while they’re enjoying a high point in their history.

Frontman Neil recently said an EP might be on the horizon with “two, three or four” songs, but there was “no new album.”  Now Sixx tells Loudwire: “We’ve been writing. I have a ton of riffs and Mick has told me he has a ton of riffs. It’s just a matter of now collecting riffs.

“For a while it was only writing segments of music and getting together and collaborating. Now I’m starting to finish music more like I used to, finishing it top to bottom. I look forward to getting in a room with my band and going, ‘Here’s ten of my ideas – what have you got?’”

The veteran outfit know they can’t go on for ever, Sixx says. “We haven’t been shy that Motley Crue has been talking about somewhere in the near future doing a farewell tour,” he reports.

“It’s not that we hate each other, or we don’t work together well. I think it’s just, at some point we want to leave it with some sort of a legacy. I see some bands that keep beating a dead horse and I’m like, ‘Get off the horse, dude.’ Motley Crue is at one of our highest points. I’d like to see us finish our movie, an album, then maybe announcing a farewell tour and going out at the top. It would be a really nice look.”

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