Sunday, February 10, 2013


Steve Lukather
Session legend, Toto leader and solo artist extraordinaire Steve Lukather may have spent decades as one of the finest guitarists ever, and he's always been able to more than hold his own as a vocalist, but all musicians can learn a lesson from Luke's approach to staying on top of his game. In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited, the guitarist says he takes vocal lessons twice a week from 'vocal coach to the stars' Gary Catona.

Luke also tells Classic Rock Revisited he's quit smoking and drinking, and started eating organic foods too. "I am into my fourth year of all this," Lukather says. "I am a much more focused person and am really aware of what I am doing. I am trying to erase some of the more spotty aspects of my life. I want to prove to everybody who thinks I kind of went crazy that I am more refocused."

The result of that new focus is Transition, Lukather's new solo album. Lukather and his musical partner CJ Vanston have crafted a versatile yet focused album which reflects the changes Lukather has gone through over the last few years. "The lyrics are very personal," Luke says. "They are very much from the heart and about things that have happened to me. I am being more honest and I was able to spend the time to do it right."

Aside from preparing for another tour in Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band, Lukather is preparing to hit the road in Europe and will also take Toto on the road for a 35th Anniversary tour this year.

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