Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Bon Jovi
In support of their new album What About Now, Bon Jovi will be embarking on a lengthy tour that will ensure fans receive what they have come accustomed to – a pure rock show consisting of all the hits and a few surprises.

“For us it enhances what we do, and we’ve got some really cool tricks up our sleeve,” keyboardist David Bryan told Billboard of the tour. “It’s really looking cool.”

The tour begins in Uncasville, Connecticut on February 9, six weeks before the release of What About Now on March 26. The timing between the start of the tour and the unleashing of their twelfth studio album is a bit unusual, making the shows’ setlists a bit unique for attendees who haven’t heard most of the band’s new songs.

“We’ll give you the title of the song first,” said guitarist Richie Sambora. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi has already begun rehearsing the new material and the band will “work ‘em in” while fans familiarize themselves with them. Each night’s show will also be unique as the band travels from city to city and will have the ability to audible as Jon Bon Jovi sees fit.

“There’s extra ones on the side he’ll call, so we’re always ready,” Bryan said. “And we know there’s a stable we as fans would want to hear, so we always give them, then we change up a bunch of songs and throw in a couple new ones.”

“Because We Can” is the band’s first single from What About Now and had a decent showing in its first week; it sold 7,000 copies and peaked at No. 16 on the Hot Rock Songs chart before falling to No. 44 this week. Despite the drop, Sambora and Bryan believe Bon Jovi fans will be happy with the album.
“What it really sounds like is us at the end of the day,” says Sambora. “A band like us that’s been around for almost 30 years now.”

Bon Jovi is also eligible for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Coincidentally, Bon Jovi has the night off before their April 19th show in Los Angeles, the same day the nominations are announced. According to drummer Tico Torres, the band isn’t feeling any pressure to be inducted.

“It’s an ongoing thing,” drummer Torres said. “There’s a long list of great bands that need to go in there, and only a few can go in every year. It’s something that even being nominated is an honor.”

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