Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ozzy Osbourne
Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has talked to the New Zealand Herald about the band’s work-in-progress new album. The legendary rock band return to the stage in Australia and New Zealand in 2013.

But don’t call Sabbath “heavy metal.” Ozzy dislikes the term. “Not everything Black Sabbath did was about the devil, or about heavy metal because “Changes” was a beautiful song,” he says. “But all they ever remember is that I sing about the devil and “Iron Man,” you know."

And Sabbath are now working better, he says. “What's different now is that none of us get drunk or stoned or any of that stuff. We're all clean, and all in control of ourselves, we're not intimidated by each other, there are no arguments, and it's the way it should be.

“What it boils down to now is the music - and that's what got us where we are in the first place. We have come through the other side, we're still able to work together, and that's where the enjoyment comes from. It's been a lot of fun making this record.”

Recording has been interrupted by guitarist Tony Iommi's diagnosis with lymphoma at the beginning of 2012. But Osbourne says the guitarist is back on track after treatment, “which has been a bit rough on him, but he still manages to come up with those great riffs.

“It's been more than 30 years since I really seriously worked with the guys. We had a try a few years back but nothing came of it. But for some reason the timing is right and we've done about 15 songs.  Ozzy adds, “Black Sabbath is very unique in the respect that nothing is formulated. It's very unpredictable. I just hope the people who have waited all these years aren't disappointed.”

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