Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Neil Young was in a jovial mood during an appearance on The Daily Show. Appearing on the program to promote his memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, the veteran rocker lightheartedly refuted his reputation as a curmudgeon. “Your image is not necessarily as warm as this book,” host Jon Stewart joked.

“Behind the scenes, I’m really nice,” smiled Young. The veteran rocker went on playfully cite his disdain for mp3s. “People don’t have mp3 listening parties,” he said, adding that the format robbed music of its soul. “You lose the feeling, you lose what makes you feel good, what makes music live. If you were Picasso, and you made a Picasso, and then it came out and everybody saw it and it was a Xerox of Picasso? That's what it feels like."

Later Young talked about the special chemistry he has with Crazy Horse. "I don't know how it happens, but when I'm singing and playing with Crazy Horse, I'm a different guy," he explained. "I write a different thing, I see things differently, I see deeper pictures, I'm able to write and express myself much deeper …."

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