Saturday, October 27, 2012


Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart has recorded his first new rock album of original material in 11 years.

Speaking to, the veteran singer said the new disc — tentatively titled Love the Life You Live — will be released in the spring of 2013. "It's all done mate," revealed Stewart, who also has a Christmas album, Merry Christmas, Baby, coming out Oct. 30. "I produced it myself. It's all finished, mixed, everything.... Just a good, old-fashioned Rod Stewart album [with] a lot of mandolin and acoustic [guitar] and fiddles and good storytelling, I believe, too." Stewart said he was surprised at how easily songs have been coming to him. “It's been just flowing like a river,” he said. “An issue which I thought had long past, and which I'd given up, songwriting, has come back, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it."

Stewart was also asked, once again, about the prospects for a Faces reunion. He pointed out that bandmate Ron Wood “goes quiet” when he’s working with the Stones, but that he’s confident it will happen “one day.” “We might all be using Zimmer frames and wheelchairs,” he said, “but we'll do it."

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