Thursday, October 18, 2012


Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris recently spoke with The Quietus about the future of Iron Maiden.

While he doesn't see Maiden hanging it up anytime soon, Harris does not see the band still being around ten years from now: "I don’t know about ten years. I think we’ve certainly got another five years in us – but it’s hard to say. As you get older it gets doubly hard to keep yourself fit and in shape. We do work really hard on doing that. We’d be selling ourselves and everyone else short if we didn’t, so we do look after ourselves."

Iron Maiden are part of a select few heavy metal bands that still tour and sell out stadiums, so when the end does come, the lads will be leaving quite a void behind. These days an Iron Maiden show is almost a guaranteed sell out, but that was not always the case, as Steve remembers it: “We did have gigs years ago where no one turned up – I’m thinking specifically of places like the Double Six in Basildon or Lafayette in Walthamstow. At that one there were women punching each other out at the bar and we could see them clearly because there was hardly anyone else there. Just two women having a fight!”

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