Friday, September 14, 2012


Jared Followill
Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill has a new spin-off band, currently known as Smoke and Jackal.

"I knew that I would go a little bit stir-crazy just not doing anything and not having any artistic outlets," he tells Rolling Stone. With fellow Nashville resident Nick Brown, singer and guitarist of the rock group Mona; Followill's outlet has arrived in the form of a new band.

The duo will release their debut, EP1, a six-song collection, on October 16. According to Followill, the project was anything but premeditated. "It was super spur-of-the-moment," he says. The two friends' original intention, he says, was to record one song and "put it up on YouTube or something stupid like that for people to see. [Nick] sings amazing and I sing horribly, so we figured we could just go down there and try it one night."

Inspiration came from movies. "We wanted to create a soundtrack," Followill explains. "That's the kind of vibe we were both going for." And it won’t sound like Kings of Leon. "We made a point of [not doing] that," Followill adds. "We both love our own bands, and we weren't trying to step on any toes. That would have been weird for us." Then Followill reveals his plans for next year: "It's not sure yet but I would like to tour with Max Navarro. We're working on it".

An EP is confirmed, but it sounds like a loose arrangement. As guitarist/singer Brown succinctly puts it: “If it's not fun, we're leaving. We'll go to a bar."

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