Friday, September 21, 2012


Jack Novell

Jack Novell, bassist and original member of Max Navarro’s band had left. Navarro announced that he won’t be replaced by any official member and that guitarist and producer Nick Mayer will take over Novell’s position as bassist.

Novell: "It was a very hard decision to leave the band in which I played since 2006, but I am sure this is the right step. Due to my various activities, more and more I felt it was time for a change. I wish the guys only the best and look forward to see their next work and concerts - as a visitor, enjoying the songs that accompanied me for long time!”  

The band already started arranging the successor to “Hard Times”. The new, yet-untitled, effort will be released in 2014. Says guitarist and producer Nick Mayer: “The vibe within the band is very enthusiastic and creative. There are far too many strong songs by Max to pick from. There will be nine of them on the album plus a couple of bonus tracks for the different markets and formats. We also may have a guest appearance by a great musician on the new record. More on that soon!”

In July drummer Simone Morettin left the band too and Nick Mayer announces: “In these months we did several auditions and I think that now the new drummer is chosen. In a couple of months we'll present our new brother in arms”.

These days Max Navarro will unleash “Nothing’s Guaranteed”, second single from his third album “Hard Times” released last May.

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