Friday, August 31, 2012


Debbie Gibson
1961 John Leyton: 'Johnny Remember Me' UK 45
1963 Angels: 'My Boyfriend's Back' US 45
1985 UB40: 'I Got You Babe' UK 45
1985 Dire Straits: 'Brothers in Arms' US LP
1991 Metallica : Metallica US LP
1997 Oasis : Be Here Now UK LP
1998 Manic Street Preachers : If You TolerateThis.. : UK single
2003 The Darkness : Permission To Land : UK LP
2008 The Verve : Fourth UK LP

1945 Van Morrison
1947 John Gage
1952 Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions)
1957 Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze)
1957 Gina Schock (The Go-Go's)
1970 Debbie Gibson

2004 Carl Wayne (The Move)

1955 'I Hear You Knocking' by Smiley Lewis debuts on US R&B chart. (The song is later covered by Dave Edmunds)
1955 A London Judge fines Sidney Adams Turner £3 10s for 'creating an abominable noise'. Turner's crime? He threatens his neighbours by saying 'I will drive you mad'. He then plays 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' by Bill Haley at full volume for two and a half hours
1969 Bob Dylan plays Isle of Wight Festival, earning £38,000 in cash for a one-hour set, backed by the Band.
1974 Rolling Stone Keith Richards was quoted as saying; 'I gave up drugs when the doctor told me I had six months to live.'
1974 Carole King's 'Jazzman' released in US
George Harrison
1976 Judge rules that George Harrison is guilty of subconsciously plagiarising the tune of 'He's So Fine' in composing the single 'My Sweet Lord'
1986 Bob Geldof marries Paula Yates
1989 The Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels", their first concert tour in eight years starts at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
1998 As he prepares to become an Internet Service Provider,David Bowie holds a number of webcast performances featuring Ani DiFranco, the Specials, Jesus and Mary Chain, the Jay Hawks and Spacehog.

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