Sunday, August 5, 2012


Randy Blythe
Randy Blythe has been freed from prison in the Czech Republic, a spokeswomen for the Prague Court has confirmed. He's arrived home in the United States on Friday.

The Lamb of God singer was arrested on June 27 in connection with the death of Daniel Nosek, a fan alleged to have sustained a fatal head injury when he invaded the stage while Blythe performed.

Blythe was never charged and posted bail of $200,000 a few days later. However, under legal proceedings in the former Soviet nation prosecutors can object to a suspect’s freedom, which happened in his case. Although objections were not accepted, his bail was raised to $400,000. This again was paid, but another objection was lodged.

The spokeswoman said Blythe’s freedom was confirmed on Thursday after a 16-hour closed session, and there were no conditions related to his being released, except for the bail payment. He was freed later in the afternoon and boarded a flight for the US today.

It’s believed the manslaughter case will be heard in November. Experts say Blythe has a strong case in his favour. Lab of God were last week forced to cancel a planned US tour because of doubts over whether their singer would be available. Earlier this week hardcore band Terror cancelled a tour stop in the Czech Republic as a show of support for their colleague.

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