Friday, July 27, 2012


Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler believes he became a judge on TV gameshow American Idol in order to replace the adrenaline buzz heroin used to give him.

The singer caused dissent among his Aerosmith bandmates when he announced he’d signed up to appear on the talent search series – because his 2009 stage fall followed by the admission he was back on drugs had nearly led to the band’s collapse.

He thinks his drug habit cost him over $20m during the years he was a habitual user.  But now that he’s quit the show in order to concentrate on the band and their upcoming album Music From Another Dimension, he believes he needed the rush live TV offered him.

“I think I’m an adrenaline junkie,” Tyler tells Time. “It was a risky thing – I didn’t know whether I’d get berated. Meanwhile, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer vows the band have put their era of childish tantrums behind them – even though it took them until their 60s.

He tells Legendary Rock Interviews: “We’ve learned to accept one another on our own terms. That’s how you deal with each other and make art together. We’ve learned to think outside the box a bit, as opposed to just doing thing the same way we always have. It’s fun – I guess what it’s really called is confidence.”

And he says of their new album: “Lover a Lot is a rocker – it was a lot of fun to work on because the whole band was involved. Closer is a rock ballad. Carrie Underwood appears on a track called Can’t Stop Loving You and it has a lot of radio appeal. It’s a great, great song.

“That’s why the album is so strong: it’s all of us. It hasn’t always been done that way. Our last record, Just Push Play, wasn’t done that way and it should have been. The new record is a true band effort.”

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