Saturday, July 21, 2012


It’s been 25 years since Guns N’ Roses released their monumental debut, Appetite for Destruction.

Looking back, Slash says the band was simply writing songs that reflected what was happening at the time. “It’s a snapshot of life from 1984 to 1987,” he said, speaking to the Australia radio station, Triple M. “It was talking about stuff that nobody really talked about at the time. It was delivered with an attitude so sincere that a lot of people really related.”

Slash ascribed the album’s success, in part, to its honesty. “We said things that people would have felt uncomfortable about saying, but felt those same things,” he explained. “We were living on the edge and singing about it, and people were like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty brutal.’”

Slash went on to say the songs for the album came very quickly. “They almost wrote themselves,” he said. “With Axl, I know he was very conscientious with the lyrics, and might have spent more time with them. But the arrangements and the music would come together within an hour.”

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