Monday, July 16, 2012


Stewart Copeland (The Police)
1964 Rolling Stones: 'It's All Over Now' UK 45
1966 Tommy James: 'Hanky Panky' US 45
1977 Shaun Cassidy: 'Da Doo Ron Ron' US 45
1977 Barry Manilow: 'Barry Manilow Live' US LP
1994 Prodigy : Music for the Jilted Generation: UK LP
2000 Coldplay : Parachutes : UK LP
2000 Matchbox 20 : Bent : US 45

1941 Desmond Dekker (The Israelites)
1942 Thomas Boggs (Box Tops)
1952 Stewart Copeland (Police)

1981 Harry Chapin
1996 John Panozzo (Styx)

1962 The Beach Boys signed to Capitol Records in the US.
1966 Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce form Cream
1972 Miracles give farewell concert, with Smokey Robinson on lead vocals, in Washington
Allman Brothers
1973 Bob Dylan releases 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' as part of 'Billy the Kid' film soundtrack
1976 Allman Brothers split
1980 'No Nukes' concert film with Bruce Springsteen and Doobie Brothers premieres in New York
1986 Dolly Parton's theme park 'Dollywood' opens in Tennessee
1995 Wayne Osmond from The Osmonds underwent a brain tumour operation at Duke University Medical Centre, North Carolina.
2000 The Corrs presented a petition to the European Commission demanding legislation to end piracy on the Internet.
2003 Japanese publisher Tokyopop announced plans to start work on a comic based on the life of Courtney Love.

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