Sunday, July 29, 2012


Metallica are getting set to headline the Outside Lands festival next month in their hometown of San Francisco.

The three-day event, which happens at Golden Gate Park, runs August 10 – 12; Metallica close the show on Saturday (11), while Neil Young & Crazy Horse headline Friday (10) and Stevie Wonder does the honors on Sunday (12).

During a conference call with reporters this week to promote the Outside Lands show, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed the band’s plans following the event.

“Pretty much when we’re done with the [3D] movie [project] and with Outside Lands, which should all be wrapped up by early September,” explained Ulrich, “We’re gonna basically just concentrate on new music and try to get another Metallica record [done].”

The group are working on the 3D film with director Nimrod Antal and producer Charlotte Huggins.

As for new music, Ulrich says there’s no shortage of inspiration.

“Every time James Hetfield picks up a guitar, there are some brilliant riffs that come out of it, and I try to make sure that they are all recorded and try to do my best to keep up with them and try to put some drums in behind them,” he says. “So there are, obviously, tons of ideas sitting around waiting to be had at in terms of turning ideas of James’ into songs.”

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