Saturday, July 14, 2012


Grace Potter
Gibson USA has released the Grace Potter Signature Flying V, one of the hippest tone machines to come down the pike in a very long time.

The guitar features a hand-sprayed Nocturnal Brown gloss nitrocellulose top finish and satin natural back, sides and neck, and cream-painted Lexan pickguard with custom silkscreened art deco border.

Grace Potter designed the look of the guitar herself. “I grew up around wood; my father is a sign maker and woodworker so I was thrilled to come to the Gibson factory and find that they took such pride in the quality of wood, color and craftsmanship. I chose the color and pickguard style based on an amalgamation of guitars I already owned – kind of creating my dream guitar. The pickguard is actually based on a cocktail napkin that I loved that I found somewhere on the road.”

"Me like Tina Turner? Well, sometimes they’re complements, and sometimes they’re not. I mean, comparisons are unavoidable, but there is a piece of me that believes that comparisons do not do a band any kind of favors. It changes the way the listener perceives the music because, they’re constantly comparing it to some other artist. So, we try to avoid that".

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