Monday, July 30, 2012


Adrian Vandenberg
Ex-Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg is fighting the former members of his band, Vandenberg, for attempting to take over the rights to his surname a second time.

Vandenberg split the four-piece rock outfit in 1986 in order to join David Coverdale’s Whitesnake. He insists he was fully in charge of its creative output during their three-album career. According to Classic Rock, Vandenberg says: “Before joining my close friend David Coverdale in Whitesnake, I had my own band under my own name, which I founded, wrote all the music and lyrics for, made the album covers, designed the logo etc. etc.

“Here comes the surreal part: a year ago I got summoned by a lawyer representing the three guys I invited to play in my band, trying to claim my own name and trying to prohibit me from using my own name through a lawsuit. Now how bizarre is that?

“It’s basically like when you invite a couple of people for a ride on the back seat of your new car, then these passengers claim your car is now theirs,” says the guitarist. “Some people have no shame.”
Vandenberg calls the episode a “surrealistic but actually sad soap.”

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