Monday, June 4, 2012


UK 's Premiere Melodic Hard Rock band TEN have finally completed their new album for release later this year. This much anticipated album is TEN's 'tenth' studio release and it will be entitled "Heresy and Creed".

The album is already being described as a landmark recording. First playback listens indicate that this collection of songs is potentially set to be their greatest opus since their 1997 release "The Name Of The Rose". Musically it once again marks the perfect union between grandiose and epic Hard Rock tunes. Very melodic, hook-laden singalong songs with a scattering of immense and haunting power ballads to complete the typical TEN tapestry.

Singer and composer Gary Hughes says: "It is a particularly strong selection of material. I feel this is possibly our most mature, and diverse collection of songs ever. There is literally something in there for everyone and every taste".

The album was mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward and with its release scheduled for the fall, "Heresy And Creed" could crown another classic year, both for TEN, and historically for the Melodic Hard Rock scene as a whole. More details will follow at a later stage.

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