Friday, June 22, 2012


Geoff Tate
After 31 years as the lead singer for Queensryche, Geoff Tate is officially out of the group and replaced by Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield said in a statement: "Over the past few months, there have been growing creative differences within Queensryche. We want our fans to know that we hoped to find a common resolution, but in the end parting ways with Geoff was the best way for everyone to move forward in a positive direction. We wish him the best of luck with all of his future endeavors. We can't wait to bring Queensryche to our fans with Todd behind the microphone".

While there may have been simmering problems within the group, things came to a head back on April 14 in Sao Paolo, Brazil when Tate got into a verbal and physical confrontation, pushing guitarist Michael Wilton and reportedly coming at Rockenfield with a knife.

Initially, La Torre was brought in to front a band called Rising West that included all the Queensryche members except Tate, performing the band's music. Now it seems that they will go back to using the Queensryche name.

Previously, the members of Crimson Glory issued a statement saying that they were behind La Torre's move and that he was a still a member of their group. La Torre reinforced that on his Facebook page today, posting "I am not a "former member" of Crimson Glory. Both bands are fully aware of my involvement. Crimson Glory is still alive and well, and we are continuing to write material for the new record. Queensryche enters a new chapter, buckle up."

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