Thursday, June 28, 2012


Glenn Frey
The Eagles are working on a documentary detailing the complete history of the band. With it, you can also expect some new music.

In an exclusive interview with, Glenn Frey said, 'for the last 5 years, and intensely this past year, we have been putting together a 2DVD history of the Eagles. Part One being from 1970 to 1980 and the second part of '94 to the present. We have an Academy Award winning documentary director named Alex Gibney to produce this. We are very close to having it all together and ready to come out. I am excited about it. What I have seen looks very good. I keep telling myself if I wasn't in the Eagles and I as watching the documentary would this be interesting to me. And I found it very interesting. The story is very well told'.

At this stage Glenn seems unsure what the new songs will be. They might even be covers. 'With that we are talking about maybe an E.P. or something. Maybe doing four songs, six songs, to be another part of the package,' he said. 'It might be some original material but I was thinking wouldn't it be interesting if the Eagles recorded a song by the Buffalo Springfield, maybe a song by the Beach Boys. You know, some stuff like that. When the summer is over we'll be back together planning next year.'

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