Friday, June 22, 2012


Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger admits he doesn’t expect Nickelback to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

“I think it will probably show up the same time as our first Grammy,” he says. The band are getting better and better at laughing about their massively negative press. Discussing the backlash against their appearance as half-time entertainment at a football game last year, where over 50,000 people signed a petition to have them dropped, the singer says: “The National Football League was calling us twice a day going, ‘We’re so happy – the viewership just went up by 15 million…’

Historically, the band has ignored the barbs, but lately it has been responding -- with humour -- and through the Internet: "We're just laughing while we do it," Kroeger said. "I mean, it's just like when you got guys all sitting around together, you know, we'll hear about something and, you know, we laugh. You know, whoever comes up with the most comedic thing, it's like, `Oh, that's good. We have to tweet that.'"

Of course, it's easy to laugh it off when a band's records sell in the seven figures and it can afford to launch one of the most elaborate tours ever.

And Kroeger admits when it comes to putting on a show, he's a bigger-is-better kind of guy -- although he did have to back off on a little bit on his grand vision for the Here And Now production: "We actually . . . scaled a couple of things back just because . . . it was just so production-intensive, you know," Kroeger said.

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