Sunday, May 27, 2012


Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen likes confronting hecklers at her shows as they then "usually shut the fuck up".

The singer is currently supporting Marilyn Manson on tour with her band The Pretty Reckless. Taylor loves dealing with frustrated fans when she's on stage: "There have been a few I've confronted. At one show there was a guy who said, 'Take your top off,' so I just said, 'You take your top off! If you want to see a stripper, go to a strip club!' I think he actually did take his top off in the end, but if you confront a heckler, they usually shut the fuck up and pay attention," she told Kerrang! magazine.

Taylor doesn't hold back during her stage performances. The 18-year-old regularly causes herself physical damage: "Yes - pretty much every night. My knees are destroyed from falling on them while I'm on stage. I also have a Band-Aid on my foot right now 'cause I cut it up the other night and it wouldn't stop bleeding," she revealed. "The pain isn't just in my legs - it's an all over body pain, but I never notice it until I get off stage."

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