Monday, May 28, 2012


Myles Kennedy & Slash
Slash has spoken many times about his past relationship with Axl Rose. He’s also spoken about how he’s made his previous solo records. Now, he seems happier working with singer Myles Kennedy.

In a forthcoming Guitar World interview Slash admits that he enjoys “just putting together guitar ideas on my own.” He also says, “I try not to overwork it. I’ll come up with two or three parts, and that’s it. Then I like to bounce things off other guys and see what they can come up with.”

Of the just-released Apocalyptic Love album, Slash adds. “Myles could do whatever he wanted when he was writing his parts. And sometimes that even changed my parts. For instance, there’s a song on the new album called ‘No More Heroes’ that is a classic example of a 50/50 kind of collaboration between us, where I had a riff and a whole arrangement that I put together, but it was all still open to interpretation.

“So Myles took the chorus idea that I had and just completely raped it, and came up with a new, insanely great chorus. And that was a moment where it was like, ‘Okay, we have a good thing going… it makes for better music overall.’”

And although Apocalyptic Love is billed as another Slash “solo” album, don’t expect him to sing any time soon. “I have no aspirations to sing,” he says. “I don’t enjoy it. Occasionally I’ll have ideas for lyrics or vocals, but I’ve found that people who actually do those things for a living will always come up with something better.”

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