Tuesday, May 15, 2012


1971 Dawn: Knock Three Times UK 45
1971 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Four-Way Street US LP
1976 Silvers: Boogie Fever US 45
1976 Rolling Stones: Black and Blue US LP
1982 Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney: Ebony and Ivory US 45
1982 Asia: Asia US LP
1993 New Order : Republic : UK LP
2005 Nine Inch Nails : With Teeth : US LP

1948 Brian Eno (Roxy Music)
1951 Dennis Fredericksen (Toto)
1953 Mike Oldfield
1957 Trini Lopez  
1959 Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy)

1965 Byrds debut on US chart with Mr. Tambourine Man, their first No. 1
1965 Four Tops score their fourth US hit with I Can't Help Myself, their first No. 1
Mike Oldfield
1970 Pink Floyd perform two-and-a-half-hour set at Crystal Palace, complete with fireworks and fifty-foot inflatable octopus. The concert is so loud that fish die in the lake
1970 Radio North Sea International bombed by commando frogmen hired by a director of the rival station, Radio Veronica
1971 Two John/Yoko films (Apotheosis and Fly) are shown at Cannes Festival
1973 Pointer Sisters make their live debut
1977 Procol Harum played their last ever concert when they appeared at New York's academy of music.
1980 Sex Pistols film The Great Rock and Roll Swindle released
1991 Manic Street Preacher guitarist Richey Edwards carved '4 real' into his arm with a razor blade while being interviewed by music paper The NME.
1995 Supergrass released their debut studio album 'I Should Coco'.

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