Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tyketto - Dig In Deep
Artist: Tyketto
Title: Dig In Deep
Year: 2012
Genre: Rock
Rate: 7

Sometimes when a band takes a hiatus and return many years later, the product output is less than desired and pales in comparison to previous releases. Taking in consideration that the band only had two prior releases (Don’t Come Easy in 1991 and the aforementioned Strength In Numbers) featuring original vocalist Danny Vaughn, and both albums are held in such high regard by fans of not only Tyketto, but the genre itself, they certainly have their work cut out for them. Digging In Deep, their brand new CD, holds true to their sound, but takes it to the next level.

I make no bones about my adoration of Danny Vaughn’s talent. He’s a rare breed in this genre when you have a top notch singer and songwriter. His songs tell a story, not unlike that of say Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Full of tales of struggle and perseverance, love lost and pain, and standing up for what you believe in have been themes that have run strongly not just with the music of Tyketto, but also through Vaughn’s days with Waysted, Flesh ‘N’ Blood, and solo. Having that solid backbone of excellent songs is what put Tyketto ahead of the pack from other bands back in the day. They were always one of the more unique sounding acts. Sadly, they came at a time that the Grunge era took over the mainstream and left quality bands in the dust.

The band is tighter than ever. Vaughn’s vocals soar as usual, packed with heart-felt emotion, matched by excellent harmony vocals from the band. Also ever-present are the beautifully structured guitar solos of Brook St. James. He’s not necessarily a shredder, but each note fits perfectly in each song. He is a true artist with his abilities. The backbeat of the band, solid as ever, is provided by Jimi Kennedy (bass) and Michael Clayton (drums.) Though there is the voice of Danny Vaughn and his songwriting skills all over the album, there is always something significantly different from his solo work and other projects than what is on the three Vaughn era Tyketto albums.

Tracklist: 1.Faithless; 2. Love to Love; 3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts; 4. Battle Lines; 5. The Fight Left in Me; 6. Evaporate; 7. Monday; 8. Dig in Deep; 9. Sound Off; 10. Let This One Slide; 11. This Is How We Say Goodbye.

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