Thursday, May 10, 2012


Max Navarro - "Hard Times"

Artist: Max Navarro
Title: Hard Times
Year: 2012
Genre: Rock
Rate: 9

Review: Hey guys, with "Hard Times" we are in front of a masterpiece of rock music. Without fear of contradiction, I do not exaggerate when I designate it as one of the 10 most beautiful albums of this new century.

“Hard Times” is the third studio album by Italian/Canadian rocker Max Navarro, and follow up his more reflective and introspective “No Belonging After Dark”, released in 2009. Navarro gets better and better with every album he releases. True rock lovers will be pleased ‘cause “Hard Times” has some good solid hits on it and Max Navarro continues to amaze with his excellent writing. If you have enjoyed the previous albums from Navarro, there is no reason to stop here. Go get it now and you will be rocked!

What is great about this album is that the first single "Cryin’" is just one of many great songs. I mean, it’s a song that would probably be one of the best songs on most albums, but on this one it is simply another great song on an album filled with them. When you hear “You Can Rely On”, “Out Of Bounds” and mostly “Nothing’s Guaranteed” you can't stop your feet: you feel the vibe inside your head and running through your veins and you think they all could be great hits on every rock oriented radio.

These songs are that good that I am not ashamed to throw the signature rock symbol of the index and pinkie fingers up in the air, shake them up and down, while simultaneously performing the patented "head bang". And then comes “The Wrong Side”, romantic, brilliant, sweet. A song that goes straight to the heart, to sing at a concert with the lighter strictly on.

The album has nine tracks and runs a little over thirty-two minutes. If you like rock music, "Hard Times" is a CD that a true rock fan should not be without. Let your hair down, turn up the volume, and do not fight the urge to belt out a few lyrics as you listen. It is human nature. The people in the cars next to you will understand, and you will find your rides to and from work much more enjoyable.

Tracklist: 1. You Can Rely On; 2. Out of Bounds; 3. The Wrong Side; 4. Nothing's Guaranteed; 5. Cryin'; 6. Winter in Chicago; 7. Beynd the Silence; 8. Poison Grl; 9. End of the Universe.


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