Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Eagle Rock Entertainment announce the simultaneous release on both standard and special edition DVD and Blu-ray formats on 25 June 2012 of 'Live! ' Live At The O2' from Kasabian.

This title is the first stand-alone Kasabian DVD release and also the band's first ever Blu-ray format release.

The Special Edition version includes a bonus CD of highlights from the live show and is packaged in a digipack and slipcase. 'Live! ' Live At The O2' features tracks from the recent 'Velociraptor!' album and classic hits including 'Fire', 'Empire', 'L.S.F.', 'Shoot The Runner', 'Days Are Forgotten', 'Clubfoot', 'Where Did All The Love Go?' and many more.

This release was filmed in high definition at London's renowned O2 Arena on 15 December 2011. As Bonus features ' on all versions - we include the 'I Hear Voices' documentary that shot on this very tour.

1) Days Are Forgotten 2) Shoot The Runner 3) Velociraptor! 4) Underdog 5) Where Did All The Love Go?* 6) I.D.* 7) I Hear Voices* 8) Thick As Thieves* 9) Take Aim 10) Clubfoot 11) Re-Wired 12) Empire* 13) La Fée Verte 14) Fast Fuse / Pulp Fiction* 15) Goodbye Kiss 16) L.S.F. 17) Switchblade Smiles 18) Vlad The Impaler 19) Fire

* = not on CD

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