Wednesday, May 23, 2012


John Mellencamp
Painting has been a favorite pastime for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Mellencamp going back decades.

And 49 of his works (spanning 40 years) are currently on display at the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville until June 10.

At the opening of the exhibit (titled Nothing Like I Planned: The Art of John Mellencamp), the singer-songwriter spoke to Rolling Stone about the differences between his music career and his painting hobby.

“I write a song and then, generally, I’ve gotta take it to the next step of puttin’ a band with it, recording it – there’s a lot of people involved in that process,” he said. “In this process, it’s just me".

“Pop music has always been necessary, but I ran into problems; I had too many hit records. You can have too many hit records. It’s not a very nice path to go down. You have a hit, you have a hit, you have a hit and then it's like, all of the sudden, that's all people think that you’re good for.”

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