Tuesday, May 22, 2012


John Mayer
John Mayer gave away intimate details about his personal life in interviews because he didn't want to seem boring.

The musician is famed for likening Jessica Simpson to 'sexual napalm' when talking to Playboy in 2010, while he also opened up about his relationship with Jennifer Aniston in another interview.

He has now tried to explain why he was so willing to discuss private matters: "I had nothing to say ' I was going through a time in my life where I didn't really want to share what was going on, but I didn't want to be boring,' he told Guy Raz radio show All Things Considered. I remember thinking to myself, 'We gotta give a Rolling Stone interview. I don't want anybody at Playboy to think this is a boring interview.' I got those lines so crossed, that what you read ' among other things, obviously ' is this complete miscalculation in why I was asked to do the interview."

John thinks the main issue was he knew he'd be expected to discuss his personal life, but didn't really want to go into what was happening to him. That meant he embellished things: "I wasn't prepared to be honest, but I knew that I had to be open," he explained. "When you're just open but not honest, then you start free-associating garbage. It doesn't mean I can go back and scrub it out, but I understand it [now]."

The 34-year-old remembers fearing his public persona was doing him damage. Some people found him annoying and he was determined to show he could be fun: "I'd read comments [that said], 'He's a d-bag.' And then you go, 'No, I'm not!' If you're a control freak you [think], I'm going to figure out a way to make that one guy say, 'He's not all that bad,'' he recalled.

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