Sunday, May 6, 2012


James Blunt
James Blunt will be waking today to news of his death after yet another Internet hoax went viral.

The hoax, masked as a CNN story, was uploaded to It reported that James Blunt had died from a cardiac arrest.

The sites owner Ben Kling is a 20 year old from Boston who goes to Emerson College. His site includes his writing, music, graphics and stories. His site says he studies media, evolutionary psychology, marketing, comedy, musicals, gender, sexuality, mimesis, teenagers, sociobiology, empathy, feminism, and masculism.

There is no clue as to why he would do something so dumb as post the James Blunt just a stupid hoax.

James recently finished a world tour. In March, he visited troops in Afghanistan. Before he became famous James Blunt was a solider. He served in the Middle East in the British army as Capt J H Blount LG.

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