Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ana Matronic
Ana Matronic has joked the Scissor Sisters would compete at 'marathon freestyle gossip' if it was an Olympic event.

The American band is headlining the US stage at the BT River of Music, which is being held to welcome people to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Ana isn't sure the group would do well if they are asked to actually compete in the iconic sports event. "Marathon freestyle gossip is our event,' she laughed. 'We're going for gold."

There are some things Ana is good at, besides talking. She takes great pride in her appearance and loves piling on cosmetics: "My eyelids get a workout wearing these lashes,' she told British newspaper The Telegraph. 'I'm in training for the day they recognise make-up application as an Olympic event."

"Ana and her bandmate Jake Shears are thrilled to be performing on the London stage next month. They believe their UK popularity is part of the reason they were chosen to do so. If the Olympics were being held in America, I seriously doubt whether we would be in the running," Ana said. "As one of the first American bands with openly gay members, we embody the pioneer spirit."

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