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As Steven Tyler's second season at the judges table on "American Idol" ends, the singer's other gig as the leader of Aerosmith gets back underway. After the veteran rock group performed a new single, "Legendary Child," on the "Idol" finale on Wednesday (May 23), Aerosmith announced that its new album, "Music From Another Dimension," will finally hit stores on Aug. 28.

The making of the group's follow-up to 2004's "Honkin' on Bobo" has been anything but easy: Tyler entered rehab in late 2009, and the rest of Aerosmith was rumored to be looking for a replacement singer. The singer rejoined the group for a tour in 2010, but after Tyler signed on to "American Idol" that August, the new album was put on hold until last summer, when the group reunited with producer Jack Douglas after Tyler's first "Idol" season wrapped.

"This record is different from the recent past, say the last 20 years, where everybody is getting in the studio and throwing down their songs," guitarist Joe Perry told Billboard in March, when the album was being finalized. "Some of the songs are completed and some are just riffs. This record is a lot more band-written stuff than there has been in the recent past."

The release of "Music From Another Dimension" will follow Aerosmith's Global Warming tour, which was announced earlier this year and kicks off June 16 in Minneapolis. While the album was being mixed this spring, Aerosmith rehearsed 25 songs -- including two or three new tracks -- for the tour.

Here is the track list to "Music From Another Dimension":
1. What Could Have Been Love
2. Beautiful
3. Street Jesus
4. Legendary Child
5. Oh Yeah
6. We All Fall Down
7. Another Last Goodbye
8. Out Go the Lights
9. Love Three Times a Day
10. Closer
11. Shakey Ground
12. Love a Lot
13. Freedom Fighter
14. Up on the Mountain

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