Monday, April 2, 2012


Carlos Santana
After becoming a rock sensation in the late ’60s and reinvigorating his career with some high-profile collaborations in recent years, Carlos Santana is going back to basics.

On his upcoming album, Shape Shifter, the guitar great will be focusing on his six-string skills, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. In fact, only one of the album’s 13 songs features vocals.

Earlier this year, Santana spoke to Guitar World about Shape Shifter: “The record is basically directed to honor the American Indians. As you know, the people in New Zealand collectively agreed to give an apology to the Aborigines in Australia, and for me, whatever we do here in America to honor the American Indians, the Chinese, African-Americans and everybody else is a big step.”

Shape Shifter is due out on May 15, a few weeks after Santana begins a Las Vegas residency at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.

Santana, Shape Shifter tracklist:
1. “Shape Shifter”
2. “Dom”
3. “Nomad”
4. “Metatron”
5. “Angelica Faith”
6. “Never the Same Again”
7. “In the Light of a New Day”
8. “Spark of the Divine”
9. “Macumba in Budapest”
10. “Mr. Szabo”
11. “Erez La Luz”
12. “Canula”
13. “Ah, Sweet Dancer”

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