Thursday, April 5, 2012


Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper was robbed this week. Robbers stole valuable memorabilia from Cooper’s storage unit in Los Angeles.

The Daily Express reports the thieves took off with some vinyl records, a sculpture and a jacket worn by Cooper in Wayne’s World. Cooper’s website displays this message: “The storage facility in Los Angeles which houses the Alice Cooper Archives was broken into on March 27, along with three other storage units. A police report has been filed... With multiple units broken into, we don’t believe Alice’s Archives was specifically targeted. If anyone sees anything suspicious or hears anything about these stolen items – especially on the Internet or in Los Angeles – please let us know...

“The jacket in question is in fact the John Richmond jacket, better known as the one worn in Wayne’s World. It’s one of a kind, and is unmistakable. If you see anyone selling it, please write to us immediately!”

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