Sunday, March 11, 2012


Queen Of Disguise - La Strange
Artist: La Strange
Title: Queen Of Disguise
Year: 2012
Genre: Melodic Rock
Rate: 6

Review:“Queen Of Disguise” is the first album for Italian female rock singer La Strange. The original plan was to record an EP and for this purpose ‘Keep Goin’ On’ and ‘Faraway’ were recorded. A couple of months later with ‘Enjoy All Their Lies’, ‘In The Silence’, ‘The Perfect Husband’ and the Michael Jackson cover ‘Give In To Me’ another four were added. When it was decided to create a full-length album instead of an EP, with the recording of ‘You Finally Have Knocked Me Down’, ‘Control’, ‘Queen Of Disguise’ and ‘I’m Addicted To Some Thoughts’ the ten songs on this ‘Queen Of Disguise’ album were completed. La Strange has a pleasant, full voice and with this she adds a lot of colour to the song material. The title track is a particularly good example of the girl’s musical ability. The drums are well-played and drove the beat as needed. This album has memorable vocals of a great album, but, like an action film, you can’t listen to this album expecting your life to be changed by it. By the way, as a debut album we can say that we can expect good vibes from La Strange in the future.

Track List: 1. Control; 2. Addicted to Some Thoughts; 3. Enjoy All Their Lies; 4. Far Away; 5. Give in to Me; 6. The Perfect Husband; 7. In The Silence; 8. Keep Goin' on; 9. Queen Of Disguise; 10. You Finally Knocked Me Down

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