Thursday, March 15, 2012


Michael Hossack
Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack, who played on such hits as “Listen to the Music,” “China Grove” and “Blackwater,” has died at the age of 65. Hossack, who had been battling cancer, passed away  at his home in Dubois, Wyoming.

Hossack joined The Doobie Brothers in 1971, becoming the second drummer in the group’s two-drummer lineup. He left the band in 1973 to form the band, Bonaroo, and went on to open his own recording studio. In 1987, Hossack re-joined The Doobie Brothers for a series of benefit concerts for Vietnam War veterans. He also contributed to the group’s recent albums, Cycles, Brotherhood and World Gone Crazy.

Doobie Brothers co-founder Tom Johnston praised Hossack as “an incredible musician.” He went on say, “Mike has always been a part of my musical life and the life of The Doobie Brothers. The last few years, he was brave and determined to keep on playing in the face of ill health, and I will always admire him for that.”
The Doobie Brothers’ Patrick Simmons, whose friendship with Hossack spanned 43 years, added, “We shared some wonderful adventures together, times I will never forget. Thanks for all those wonderful memories, Mike, and all the great music. We love you.”

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