Sunday, February 5, 2012


Duff McKagan
Born on this day:
1935, Alex Harvey, singer, guitar
1941, Barrett Strong, singer, songwriter
1944, Al Kooper, Blood Sweat & Tears
1948, David Denny, guitar, Steve Miller Band
1964, Duff McKagan, bass, Guns N' Roses

Rock Pills:
1962, The Beatles played two shows, one at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and, in the evening, at the Kingsway Club in Southport. This was the first time Ringo Starr appeared live with the group after drummer Pete Best became ill.

1967, The News of the World reported that Mick Jagger had taken LSD at the home of a member of The Moody Blues. Jagger sued the paper for libel.

1983, Def Leppard's album, Pyromania, started a 92-week run on the U.S. charts. It never reached #1, but sold over 6 million copies in the U.S. alone.

2001, Juliet Peters appeared in a London court, accused of making death threats to singer Billie Piper. Peters had made threatening telephone calls to the singer threatening to decapitate her and burn her body. The court listened to tapes of the 13 calls she has made to the singer’s record company.

Courtney Love
2003, Courtney Love blamed her bad language for the alleged air rage incident that led to her arrest at London's Heathrow Airport. As she left Heathrow's police station the singer said, "I cussed at a lady. My daughter always said I had a potty mouth." When asked what it had been like inside the police station, the singer said, "It was fine. They were wonderful in there. It was like being on Prime Suspect."

2006, The Rolling Stones played three songs during the half-time show of the Super Bowl in Detroit. After the event, the Stones expressed their displeasure over having Mick Jagger's microphone turned down to censor a line in the song, “Start Me Up.”

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