Monday, February 6, 2012


Phil Collen
Phil Collen says that during his three decades with Def Leppard, the band always has retained their team spirit.

In a wide-ranging interview with Music Radar, the guitarist was asked what he learned in the wake of the car accident, 27 years ago, that robbed Leppard drummer Rick Allen of his arm: “What I soon learned about the band was that it was always about the people in the band, not just about the business,” Collen said. “When bands lose that personal element, when they stop looking out for one another, that’s when they run into all kinds of problems. We were a team – still are. We don’t have egos and any of that crap.”

Collen was also asked if plans were in place for a new Def Leppard album. “Recording, yes, but it’ll probably [just] be a Def Leppard song or two,” Collen said. “We’re going to go on tour this summer, so we’re going to try to have a new song together. Coming up with material shouldn’t be a problem – I wrote two new songs this week. A whole album won’t happen this year. I can be pretty sure on that.”

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