Sunday, February 26, 2012


Noel Gallagher
Discovering that he was booked to play a festival at the same time as the reformed Stone Roses are due to take the stage for their first reunion show, Noel Gallagher insisted on moving his time slot.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the former Oasis singer told promoters to change the running order: “I was billed at these festivals to headline another stage and I said, ‘Well I’m not going on while the Roses are on,’ do you know what I mean? They’ve not done a gig for 100 years, what am I going to do? Play to two [expletive] dogs and a cat and two stewards? ... So I said, ‘It’s either that or I won’t do it.’ ’Cos I want to see them, do you know what I mean? I don’t want to be the only person in England who hasn’t seen them.”

Gallagher also explained why the so-called “Madchester” bands mean so much to him: “I think those bands, the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, are quite heroic bands and they have quite heroic figures in those bands: Shaun and Bez, Ian and Mani. They’re heroes to people and they’re working class heroes… People in bands seem middle class to me, which is not a bad thing, it’s just an observation. But in the case of the Roses and the Mondays, their music is great; to my generation, they’re why I started in music, and to 40-somethings they just want to relive it a little bit. But to people who are 16, 17, they are heroic figures and good luck to everybody that's at Heaton Park that night, I hope the weather stays fine.”

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