Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Jane's Addiction
Fans of Jane’s Addiction can expect a faster turnaround than the eight-year wait that preceded the band’s latest album, The Great Escape Artist.

Speaking to, drummer Stephen Perkins said the group has begun thinking about new music for their next disc:“We had a discussion on the flight home from the Super Bowl about, ‘Okay, new music – do we visit it while we're touring? Do some stuff on the bus and in sound check and go that route, or do we wait ’til the tour’s over and take a break and then go head-first?’ We are talking about music, so that’s important.”

Perkins went on to say the band has song ideas left over from The Great Escape Artist, but he prefers to start fresh. “I think it’s always a wrong idea to do [use old ideas],” Perkins said. “Hopefully you’re different musicians and the world has changed. It’s always good to do something new to see what you’ve been through the last year and reflect that. But a great melody and a great guitar riff stand forever. They’re timeless. It’s like Van Halen; if you can't find anything, go to the old days.”

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