Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Christine McVie
Oscar-nominated actress Vera Farmiga has signed on to play Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie in Randall Miller, Brad Rosenberger and Jody Savin’s upcoming feature film, The Drummer.

The filmfollows the last six years of late Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson’s (played by Aaron Eckhart) life, including Wilson and McVie’s “passionate and tumultuous” six-year relationship before Wilson’s passing in 1983.

Miller and Savin are stoked to have both Farmiga and Eckhart onboard the musical project: “Jody and I are thrilled to work with Vera,” Miller told Hollywood Today, “Her commitment to every nuance will illuminate the character and having Aaron and Vera on-screen singing together will be pure magic.” Rosenberger added that the filmmakers are “thrilled that Vera brings her special musical talents to our film. She is a superb actor and we can’t wait to see and hear her as Christine McVie.”

“Aaron is totally committed to getting the music right for the film,” Savin added. “He is putting in hours and hours a week in preparation for the roll of Dennis Wilson.”

The film is set to start shooting June in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys and will be filmed in Southern California and Savannah, Georgia. After The Drummer wraps, Miller and Savin are on target to shoot CBGB, a film about Hilly Kristal, his renowned underground rock joint and the genesis of punk.

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