Friday, January 13, 2012


Max Navarro
With a message on facebook Max Navarro announced that his new album is almost finished and will be released in May.

With critically acclaimed albums, singles, some awards and a confirmed backing band, the Italian-Canadian rocker is ready for his comeback. Enthused by his return to the live scene and the positive response from a loyal fan base, Max Navarro decided to go into the studio to record a new album with John Paul Bellucci on guitar, Jack Novello on bass and Simone Morettin on drums completing the line up.

2011 has seen the rocker go from strength to strength. When not playing gigs in Italy with his acoustic rock cover side project American Idols, he has spent the rest of his time writing new material for his new album “Hard Times”, due to be release in May 2012 (althught originally scheduled for last November). The summer also saw the “Bitch Rocker” hit the festival scene with slots through the summer, with sets including a mix of greatest hits and new material.

The album, that follows 2009’s “No Belonging After Dark”, sees him working again with producer Nick Mayer, the mastermind behind artists such as Embrace and Spirals.

With buzz starting to build around his comeback, Max Navarro is excited about returning to the live scene again in 2012 and announces a featuring of guitar hero Steve Palmano in the song “Out Of Bounds”: “I’m sure Hard Times will be a great album. We wanted to put aside the typical pop-rock sound to create something that really fits on the guys and me. We're gonna make a guitar driven album. Just pure rock, that's all we need”.

Regarding the controversy among his fellow citizens Nickelback and the Black Keys, Navarro has chosen a side: "Chad (Kroeger) and the guys are great. I don’t know why the Black Keys have said such things, but they shouldn’t. To say that someone's music is shit is not a critique, it's just lack of respect”.

Here is the preview of the first single taken from a live in Zurich.

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  1. Let's show to the world that rock music will never die!!

    Max, keep on rockin'!!!